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I understand and agree that I the TrappCall Service Subscriber, hereinafter referred to as Subscriber is solely liable for any transmissions sent through the TrappCall service(s). TrappCall has no control over the content of any transmission nor will be liable for such content. TrappCall has no control over how the Subscriber will use the service nor will be liable for such usage. Subscriber shall not use the service(s) to create or distribute any images, sounds, messages, or other materials which are obscene, harassing, racist, malicious, fraudulent, infringing or libelous, nor use the service(s) for any activity that may be considered or are unethical, immoral, abusive of any third party's rights, or illegal. Furthermore, Subscriber will abide by all rules, regulations, procedures, and policies of TrappCall and any policies of the networks connected to the service(s). Subscriber agrees to abide by all applicable local, federal, provincial, state, national, foreign, and international laws and regulations and is solely responsible for all acts or omissions that occur under the Subscriber account, including the content of Subscriber transmissions through the service(s). Subscriber will not assign, transfer, sell or otherwise dispose of, for valuable consideration or otherwise, any TrappCall service, or any aspect thereof. Subscriber agrees that Collect Calls will be received from the City for which the TrappCall Collect Call number is issued and to use this number to receive Collect Calls from that city only. Subscriber agrees that any calls received from a City that is different from the original city that the Collect Call service was established for, the subscriber will be responsible for the long distance Collect Call charges and that these charges will be higher and at a rate of at least seventy cents per minute plus connection charges. Subscriber agrees to notify TrappCall via email or telephone if and when the calls are no longer being received from the original city for which the Collect Call service was established. Subscriber agrees that even though subscriber is establishing a Pre-Paid collect Call Service Account, Long distance collect calls, if received, will be billed separately and can potentially exceed the subscribers existing available Pre-Paid balance, which could result in negative Pre-Paid account balance after the long distance charges are applied to the subscribers account.